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Monday I earn my aunt ask price drop, followed by Cao asked if his wife left channel value, purchase price $ 5690, $ 1600 labor to install a total of $ 7290, Link OKAY problem, I left to head up if she has no problem, you can license go, follow my aunt asked him wash Wuxi than set, Qu, then best friends, my aunt asked mosquito drainage off the $ 200 set all right, Cao, then you can, but have to wait half minutes after the Drainage wife annum, before income get money, Link Well, according to other .... half an hour after having gone back to my aunt, we know that too much is still not back to a CAO, Department of Well Link stems such matter, along with Cao, then see the upstairs, downstairs Wuxi than set live one, I help you set the left machine according to the first matter, on Wednesday, loaded with goods buried, to a one-off time than money, So I will stay in the left channel on their aunts phone, easy for me to follow up, okay leave.

My aunt received a phone call on Tuesday, Li CAO too beat to even be $ 400 if installed wages, from the original generous $ 1600 to $ 2000 plus, if the original interpretation of the Department of Qu "thought" I'm generous to have a metal frame mounted split type, according to Department of degrees I Nuisance frame home, so want to add my $ 400 money than I hit my aunt Link, I called too talk with Cao, so early in the morning before I made it clear that with the originalå—°Cao Department of Department of windows machines , how to be prepared to be a metal frame mounted split type system degrees than you Yeah, not to mention your roomguanputou 10 years left to do air-conditioning works, you can hear better than I do, then you guanputou upstairs residential air-conditioning Do not know buildings hadNuisance formwork frame baa?? If you need any kind of information on this article related topic click here: Meena Rezkallah

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